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Achieving the vision for Maplewood

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Maplewood North Vancouver

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Written on December 17th, 2019

Maplewood Village Centre

Will include diverse multi-family housing, mixed-use commercial/residential, live/work, and small scale artisan industrial housing, as well as institutional uses including a school and local community services.

Maplewood North Innovation District

Offers a mix of employment, educational, recreational, and limited residential and community uses in a campus-style structure, connected to the Village Centre by major arterial routes and an active transportation network.

Dollarton Highway South

A strong industrial and employment area with opportunities to intensify as existing and local business expand and provides opportunities for the expansion of business park uses.

Non-market housing

Non-market housing is encouraged in Maplewood Village Centre. A minimum of 300 net new non-market housing units are targeted for the Village Centre. A portion of the roughly 900 residential units anticipated in the Innovation District should be comprised of a mix of non-market rental and below-market ownership.

Village Centre

Maplewood has an evolving village heart between Old Dollarton Road and Dollarton Highway, west of Riverside Drive. The plan aims to further enhance the village heart as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly area with a mix of residential, retail, and community uses.


Maplewood streets should safely accommodate everyone — people walking, cycling, taking transit, or driving — for a range of uses (such as access to businesses or to accommodate deliveries).

Conservation and ecology

Maplewood has significant amounts of green space and several environmentally sensitive features, which the plan will protect and enhance. Some lands previously used for industrial uses will be restored and wetlands enhanced through improved water flows.

Parks and recreation

This plan aims to expand the parks and recreation system to accommodate the expected population and employment growth in the area


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