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Lynn Creek Town Centre

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Written on December 17th, 2019

Town Centre Overview

Lynn Creek Town Centre will be a transit-oriented, mixed use community offering a wide-range of housing options for people at all stages of life, in a unique location near employment and retail opportunities, natural amenities, and Phibbs Transit Exchange.

Main goals of the plan

Redevelopment of the Lynn Creek Town Centre will rejuvenate the residential areas, protect employment lands, increase connectivity between neighbourhoods, and establish a central community focal point that serves as a hub for community services and facilities.

Residential development and economic growth, as guided by the implementation plan, also provides an opportunity to locate residents and workers close to transit and Phibbs Exchange in this important frequent transit development area.

Land use

Integrate multi-family residential, light industrial, and park uses into a revitalized, complete, transit oriented community. Provide a community focal point including a mixed use community “heart” with a “High Street” on Mountain Highway between Crown and Hunter Streets.

Housing choice 

Revitalize the residential neighbourhood, encourage innovative housing forms, and facilitate a mix of housing types and tenures to accommodate people of all ages, abilities, and incomes for the next 20 years.

Economic vitality

Encourage economic development through the protection and intensification of light industrial uses, and modest expansion of local-serving commercial uses.

Community facilities, services, and amenities

Create a modest scale community/recreation facility for community services and programs, a central urban plaza in the town centre heart, affordable housing, upgrades and improvements to parks and trails, public art, and streetscape beautification.

Parks and open spaces

Redesign and upgrade Seylynn and Bridgman Parks, expand and enhance Marie Place park, create a new neighbourhood park, and add or improve bike and pedestrian greenway connections.


Support a safe and integrated transportation network that includes all types of transportation, emphasizing pedestrian and cyclist options, promoting frequent transit service and transit upgrades, and addressing highway interchange improvements.

Environmental sustainability

Protect and enhance the Lynn Creek corridor, promote green infrastructure, rainwater management best practices, water and energy conservation, and alternative energy solutions.


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