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Property development

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Written on January 22nd, 2020

Learn about the rules for developing land in the District, find information on current development applications being considered, and apply to develop property.

If you want to make changes to your property or building, you will need to apply for permits from the District. This ensures that your project conforms to all municipal bylaws and regulations.

When you need to submit a development application

You need to apply to:

  • develop or build on a property within a development permit area
  • change the zoning of your property
  • subdivide your property
  • put up a sign

When you need to apply for a building permit

In some cases, you may not need a development permit, but you will still need to get building and related permits. This applies to:

  • new construction
  • demolishing a house
  • altering or adding to a building (such as adding a deck or bathroom, or renovating a kitchen)
  • accessory buildings, garages, swimming pools, retaining walls
  • adding a secondary suite

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